GRENKE for Liberal Professions

Build up your business idea on sound financing. GRENKE is the experienced partner for Liberal Profession financial consulting and support.

You have big plans but your financial options are still limited – so? At GRENKE, we don’t think there’s any reason that every beginning should be hard. With our financing solutions, you can get your liberal profession going flexibly, quickly, affordably and with a minimum of red tape.

No matter whether it’s setting up your office, your practice or your workshop, you can look forward to tailor-made solutions that will put you on track for success right from the start.

You have the ideas – we have the financial expertise

Do what you do best, and let an experienced partner take care of financial matters.

What are you waiting for?

Are you aiming to get started as a franchisee? Do you think that you shouldn’t be able to go wrong if you have a trade? Do you want to realise your dream in your own domain? If so, then in addition to a good business idea and a sound business plan, what you need above all else is a capable partner.


Your needs are unique, and so are our consulting services

You are unique. It goes without saying that your financing solution should be, too. That’s why the process always starts with an in-depth and in-person personal consultation.

Solutions for Liberal Professions

‘How can I build up my business quickly even if I don’t have any customers or income yet?’ Like this, for example:

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